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5 Reasons Owners Offer Seller Financing

Why would a seller allow a buyer to make payments over time for the purchase of property? Wouldn’t the seller rather get paid now and require the buyer to obtain a bank loan? Here are 5 reasons property owners offer seller financing: 1. Reduced Marketing Times What is the first thing a real estate agent […]

Safekeeping the Original Mortgage Note

Can you easily locate the original mortgage note? This important legal document should be kept in a safe place, and here is why! The promissory note is a promise to pay or IOU from the property buyer. It spells out the amount due and terms of repayment. In legal jargon it is known as a […]

Payment Histories Increase Note Values

Want top dollar when selling mortgage notes? Increase the value with payment histories! Keeping an accurate record of the payments received on a mortgage note is essential for knowing how much the buyer still owes.  This also establishes a record of their payment habits – with an added benefit. The value of a note can […]